The President’s Update

Dear colleagues,

It has been over six months since I was appointed as President of the EYBA and I feel that for this reason it is my duty to inform you of our progress in achieving the objectives we have fixed at the last Annual General Meeting in 2015.

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Institutional Young Lawyers and their role in democracy

When the Liberal democracies rose against the absolute monarchies in defense of individual rights and freedoms, statements that would dictate the future evolution of the history of Fundamental Rights were born. Statements like "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights" opened the door to modern democracy in a still alive historical process. Those freedoms were …

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Peculiarity in Finland

In Finland, members of the Finnish Bar Association do not hold the monopoly in providing legal services or assisting in court proceedings.

From an attorney’s point of view, the lack of monopoly position is not the main concern as the situation used to be even greater hassle. Before 2013, almost anybody could appear in front of the court and only the court had the power to intervene if the lawyer’s behaviour was inappropriate. No guarantee of qualifications was available and consequently, a good neighbor could assist in one’s case instead of a qualified lawyer.

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The introduction of trainee solicitors’ minimum salaries in England and Wales

In November 2015, the Law Society of England and Wales (The Law Society) introduced a recommendation that trainee solicitors in England and Wales should be paid a minimum of £20,276 in London and £18,183 outside of London, this, following a successful campaign by the Junior Lawyers Division of the Law Society in 2014/15. These figures are considered the minimum that...

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From Rome with… Law: Young Lawyers Playing a Leading Role at the Opening Ceremony of the Bar Council

December is a month of celebration for all lawyers from the Bar of Rome. Mind you, no reference is meant to the winter holidays: God only knows how many times we found ourselves under the cosh in our offices, while our non-legal-practicing friends’ most pressing concern...

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Declaration of partnership between The Norwegian Bar Association Young Lawyers Committee and The Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers

The Norwegian Bar Association Young Lawyers Committee (NBAYL) was delighted to host a delegation...

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Report on the Situation of Lawyers in Greece

Thessaloniki 24-2-2016 Dear colleagues, Since January 12, 2016, all Greek bar associations have launched strikes. The main reason is the proposition of a new law on social security suggested by the Greek government. Under the terms of this proposition, professionals, and lawyers among them, are called, regardless of income, to pay social security contributions amounting up to 38.5% of their...

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Reputation Is the Next Currency

Young professionals have a lot on their mind today, not least of which is surviving in the world of our chosen career endeavor. We are constantly conscious of our social adaptability and the overall ability to fit in.  With the growing reliance and integration of technology, we no longer have the comfort of hiding behind solid walls. We are all connected, and how we portray ourselves in the greater universe is, at the end of the day, all we have. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, and it is the currency of the future.

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EYBA Spring Conference Belfast 7-9 April 2016

I have enjoyed attending many EYBA conferences since I joined the committee of the Northern Ireland Young Solicitors’ Association (NIYSA) in September 2011.  The list seems almost embarrassingly long, including Oslo, Riga, The Hague, Barcelona, Aix-en-Provence, Copenhagen and of course London for International Weekend more times than I care to mention.

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International Meeting-The Value of Young Professionals, on 30th April 2016 in Barcelona: NEW!

Dear colleagues, Save the date in your diary: 30th April 2016. We're organising an international meeting for young professionals working in any sector. Who's organising it? The following associations: The Barcelona Young Bar Association (GAJ Barcelona) The Barcelona Bar Association The European Young Bar Association (EYBA) The Junior Chamber International of Catalonia (JCI) The Federation of Associations of Young Entrepreneurs...

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EYBA Summer Conference and AGM in Düsseldorf, June 23-26 2016

Dear members, friends and readers, as already announced on our website and throughout our social media, the EYBA's annual summer conference and annual general meeting will be taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, from June 23rd to the 26th 2016. Düsseldorf is located in West-Germany and easily accessible by train...

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Members' Events. Stitching Justitia 2016

The board of the Justitia Foundation (Stichting Justitia) is delighted to host ‘Justitia 2016’ on Wednesday 11- Saturday 14 May 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Justitia is the annual festive event of the Amsterdam Bar Association and the Amsterdam Young Bar Association. Traditionally, the three days of Justitia consist of a welcoming event on Wednesday evening, a moot court by members of the …

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Save the date!


EYBA’s Events

7-10 April 2016
EYBA Spring Conference
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

30 April 2016
International Meeting-The Value Of Young Professionals: NEW!
Barcelona, Spain

23-26 June 2016
EYBA Summer Conference and AGM
Düsseldorf, Germany

22-25 September 2016
International Weekend
London, England, UK


Members’ Events

16 April 2016
Junior Lawyers Division Annual Conference and Ball
Law Society
London, England

5-7 May 2016
ABA YLD Spring Conference
St. Louis, MO

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11-14 May 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

4-7 August 2016
ABA YLD Events at the ABA Annual Meeting
San Francisco CA

20 – 22 October 2016
ABA YLD Fall Conference
Detroit, MI

Dates TBC
Anglo-Dutch Exchange 2016

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ERA Summer Courses 2016

More than just legal training – 40% special discount for EYBA members

Are you searching for an opportunity to obtain intensive, practical introductory training in an area of European law?

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