About the EYBA

About the EYBA

The European Young Bar Association (EYBA) is a European non-profit association of young lawyers. Founded over 20 years ago, concretely, on 23 May 1993 in Prague, it brings together young bar associations from across Europe in one representative organisation, providing a unified voice for young lawyers on a continent-wide basis.

EYBA members comprise individuals and young bar associations. They reflect the diversity of modern European legal practice, including young lawyers in a variety of full-service global, regional and national law firms, members of leading independent law firms, and public sector lawyers working for their Governments.

The EYBA currently represents more than 200,000 young lawyers protecting their interests and organizing courses, congresses, events, meetings and networking sessions with the aim to keep updated their members and increase their contacts with colleagues from around Europe. The EYBA Annual General Meeting & Summer Conference is the most important event from its three annual meetings (International Weekend in September and Spring Conference in March), since it gives to their members the opportunity to have a general idea of all the activities done by the Association last year, to debate the most important issues involving the legal profession for young lawyers and to renew its Board.

Our objectives

The EYBA is founded on key fundamental principles such as democracy, human rights, access to justice and the rule of law. Its objectives include:
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