The Norwegian Bar Association Young Lawyers Committee (NBAYL) was delighted to host a delegation of 10 young lawyers from the Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers (ATJA) in December. The event took place during the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, where The Tunisian Order of Lawyers was one of four organizations in the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, which received this year’s prize.

Thanks to EYBA’s Facebook page, Yassine Younsi, Vice President of ATJA, established contact with the NBAYL board members to inform us about their visit.

“When The Tunisian Young Bar took initiative to established contact with us, informing us about their attendance of the Nobel Peace Prize Awards Ceremony, we were happy to arrange a meeting and discuss possible future contact points and cooperation” – says Nora Hallén, Chair of the NBAYL.

In the week before the visit, both associations laid the ground for formalizing the new friendship into a declaration between the parties. The declaration was signed on the 10th of December 2015. The objective is to increase and expand collaboration between the two associations for the benefit of their respective members, the profession, and young lawyers from across the world. Both NBAYL and ATJA will also work together to enable young lawyers to do internships in both Norway and Tunisia.

During the meeting both associations shared experiences and discussed issues on the agenda for the coming months.

“Both associations are organized pretty much in the same order, and we both have as a common objective to support among other fundamental principles, the Rule of Law, improved working conditions for young lawyers, and to facilitate cross border networking for young professionals. Tunisian lawyers have both historically, and today off course, different and more difficult matters to address than we have in Norway and we are impressed by the Tunisian lawyers’ contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy, human rights and legal safeguards in their country”, says Nora Hallén.

At the same time both parent organizations participated in round-table discussions and contacts were also established there. Plans for a revisit to Tunisia have already been decided and will take place in February, where delegates from NBAYL and The Norwegian Bar Association will attend the opening of the Tunisian legal year.

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