December is a month of celebration for all lawyers from the Bar of Rome. Mind you, no reference is meant to the winter holidays: God only knows how many times we found ourselves under the cosh in our offices, while our non-legal-practicing friends’ most pressing concern was where to find a suitable topper for their Christmas trees…

The reason for my opening sentence is that the last month of the year is when the solemn ceremony hosted by the Bar Council of Rome takes place annually, in the magnificent setting of the ‘Aula Avvocati’ (the Lawyers’ Conference Room) of the Supreme Court of Cassation – the highest court of Italy.

This year’s event was held on Saturday, 19th December, and featured the speeches by the President of the Bar Council of Rome, Mauro Vaglio, the outgoing President of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Giorgio Santacroce, and several others representetives of the legal profession and the top judicial bodies.

Arguably the most remarkable moment for legal professionals, the ceremony is traditionally dedicated to awarding the most distinguished lawyers who have reached their 50th or 60th year in their careers, along with the highest-ranking judges who are going to retire.

But the young lawyers play no second role: among the main features of the event is the formal announcement of the new Secretaries of the Rome Young Bar Conference (Conferenzza dei Giovani Avvocati presso il Consiglio dell’Ordine di Roma – which is also an organisation member of the EYBA), who step in to run the Committee of the Organisation for a two-year term.

This position is granted to the five young colleagues, based in the law district of Rome, who best qualify at a very selective exam taking place each year, and consisting of both written and oral tests, language assessments and a pleading competition.

This year, our friend Cristina Tamburro, delegated by the President of the Bar Council to chair the Rome Young Bar, and myself, as past First Secretary and representative of the Organisation within the EYBA Committee, were proud to welcome on board Giuseppe Carro, Emilio Galdieri, Marco Noceta, Guido Befani and Giorgia Ippoliti. According to the set tradition of the event, Giuseppe Carro, as newly appointed First Secretary, gave his induction speech, favourably impressing the audience with his enthusiasm and oratory skills.

The ceremony was also attended by some representatives of young lawyers’ associations from across Europe, and namely Jean-François Derroitte, President of the Young Bar of Liege, Belgium (Conférence Libre du Jeune Barreau de Liège) and Benjamin Bodig, Chair of the Young Bar of Luxembourg (Conférence du Jeune Barreau de Luxembourg).

Without prejudice to the formality of the morning session, the social activities could not be set aside. A gala dinner hosted by the Rome Young Bar Conference followed on the Saturday night at the elegant Circolo dell’Antico Tiro a Volo, one of the most storied private clubs in the city. There we had the honour to welcome the EYBA President, Elisabeth Batista, whose warm attendance vividly testified the close link between the two Organisations.

Rome might not be at the centre of the known world anymore, nor it seems to serve as example and guidance for foreign and international jurisdictions at the present time. Still, when it comes to gather legal professionals of different ages and experiences, make them feel self-aware of the relevant role they play in the modern society, while spicing everything up with a good dose of amusement, that can be the right place to be!


Andrea Sciarrillo
Rome Young Bar
EYBA Immediate Past President

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