When the Liberal democracies rose against the absolute monarchies in defense of individual rights and freedoms, statements that would dictate the future evolution of the history of Fundamental Rights were born. Statements like “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” opened the door to modern democracy in a still alive historical process. Those freedoms were later joined by social rights in order to provide the public, welfare and prosperity. With the totalitarian regimes and their consequences, in Europe we understood the need to strengthen Democracy with the appropriate division of powers and a constitution that guarantees the defense of Fundamental Rights. Thus a step forward was made crystallizing the premise “everything legal is not fair if that law does not respect Human Rights”.

It is now more than ever, when young lawyers have the opportunity to assert their claim as the backbone of the Rule of Law. In order to practice our profession fully and enforce the rights that we have studied, we, the young lawyers, demand the strengthening of democracies, always remembering the defense of Human Rights. Therefore, the associations, corporatism and unity of our collective are so important.

The challenges we face in the XXI century are not trivial. The resurgence of old hatreds, the bankruptcy of some constitutional orders, lack of separation of powers or the violation of certain human rights by positive laws are problems that prevent us from being truly free in practice. Young lawyers can only regain its role as guarantor of legality claiming their role in providing critical solutions and rigor from national and international forums. We cannot forget that we are part of a civil society and we believe that the law can not only be a letter of intent but a reality that provides social welfare.

Globalization, the world of communication and the defense of common interests, lead us to work to improve, from within the debate, these problems that young lawyers face at the start of their careers. From Latvia to Portugal or Timbuktu, human reality is the same. Universal principles of law are the same; the youth wants to be an active protagonist of its own future. Thanks to associations like the EYBA, we have the opportunity to learn and invest on a European framework. With crossed-communication and the interaction of our realities we are working together in a common project that strengthens our Rechtsstaat. We invest on the constituent values of Europe and build a better world.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.


Juan Gonzalo Ospina Serrano
President of the Madrid Young Bar Association

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