Dear colleagues,

It has been over six months since I was appointed as President of the EYBA and I feel that for this reason it is my duty to inform you of our progress in achieving the objectives we have fixed at the last Annual General Meeting in 2015.

One of my priorities is to give as much visibility as possible to the Association, since it is a way to strengthen the relationship with our current members and to increase our Membership. For this reason, I was interviewed by the e- Newsletter “EL JURISTA” as the EYBA President and a special edition on the EYBA was released at the Barcelona YBA’ s Newsletter, the “SPEAKER”. Also, in the past months I have attended several international meetings:

  • In November 2015, I presented the EYBA at the Spanish Young Bar Association, whose official name in Spanish is Confederación Española de la Abogacía Joven” or “CEAJ”, at their meeting in Valladolid. After this presentation, I am pleased to report that the Madrid Young Bar Association also decided to join the EYBA. The decision of CEAJ as to whether they would be joining the EYBA took place on 5th March, at their first annual meeting in Alcalá de Henares, which I also attended. The definite result was that the majority of Spanish young lawyers wanted to be represented internationally by the EYBA and therefore they decided to join us.
  • In December 2015 I attended the Opening of the Courts in Paris and at the Gala Dinner of the Rome YBA, where I was able to meet the new members of the “Conferenzza”.
  • On 20th January, I presented the EYBA at the Catalonian Young Bar Association, (Joves Advocats de Catalunya, or JAC) – an association which represents all young lawyers around Catalonia. They were unaware of the existence of our Association and I hope they decide to join us at their next meeting.
  • Last 4-6 February it was a pleasure for me to represent the EYBA at the 44th European Presidents’ Conference in Vienna 2016. At such meeting I could meet almost all the Presidents of Bar Associations and Law Societies, to introduce them to our Association and to let them know about the lack of funding for young lawyers to attend their conferences. I was also able to start the negotiations with the AIJA President, in order to introduce new forms of collaboration between both Associations for the benefit of their respective members.

Apart from these travels, which were very productive, the Executive Committee have made some improvements in our website, such as a more informative Home page, the addition of a list with our Former Presidents, and although we are still working on it, soon we will create a list of young lawyers who are EYBA members within the website, for those who wish to be included in it, with the aim of improving our network and facilitate potential client referrals between EYBA members.

Besides, we have had two Universities (from Austria and the United States) who have sponsored us and we will be investing those funds in improving our Association.

Last but not least, and maybe one of the most ambitious projects of the current Year Plan, was the preparation of a survey, which will be sent soon to EYBA members, with the objective of understanding the real situation of European young lawyers once they have finished their degree. Having received the information first-hand, a final report will be prepared and presented at the Annual General Meeting 2016 in Düsseldorf. Afterwards, the appropriate measures will have to be taken in order to improve those aspects affecting young lawyers.


Elisabeth Batista
EYBA President
Executive Officer of the Barcelona YBA

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